Video Conference

Wednesday - September 8, 2004

Preliminary agenda:
  1. News - A. Blondel [10 min]
  2. News - M. Zisman
  3. RF system: voltage measurements - A. Ratti [30 min]
  4. Worst-case forces on MICE magnets - Y. Ivanyushenkov [30 min]
  5. Reports on topical items:
  6. Next meetings
    • RF background simulation: proposal for baseline - R. Sandström
    • Absorbers: QC issues, cryocoolers and LHe - W. Lau (et al.)
    • The case for running with LHe (topical item) - TBC
    • Tracker: progress report - M. Ellis
    • Optics of stage III - U. Bravar
    • Availability of used magnets suitable for spectrometer solenoids; analysis of issues raised - N. Solomey
    • Status of MuCal (topical item) - A. Tonazzo, L. Tortora
  7. AoB

Speakers can upload talks here.

For phone participants, there's a parallel audio bridge which will be bridged into the video. You need to dial 1-510 665 5437 to join by phone, enter 6423 (that's MICE) as the meeting ID and speak your name when prompted.

See below for video connection details. The CERN room is 4-C01 in building 40 (LHC building). The Fermilab room is the Race Track (WH7X).

IP participants can connect at 384kbps.

Esnet reservation ID9773
Time13:30 GMT
Duration2 Hours
RoomParticipantsLocal TimeCall NumberType
CERN-40-4-C01Rikard Sandström 15:30 (MET)826423IP
FNAL-7XSteve Geer 08:30 (US/Central)826423IP
IIT-CAPPYagmur Torun 08:30 (US/Central)826423IP
UCR-HEPGail Hanson 06:30 (US/Pacific)826423IP

Yagmur Torun - September 8, 2004