Video Conference

Wednesday - February 11, 2004

  1. News - A. Blondel [10 min]
  2. Particle ID:
  3. Reports on topical items - All [10 min]

Speakers can upload talks here.

For phone participants, there's a parallel audio bridge which will be bridged into the video. You need to dial 1-510 665 5437 to join by phone, enter 6423 (that's MICE) as the meeting ID and speak your name when prompted.

See below for video connection details. The Fermilab room is the West Wing (WH10NW). The University of Geneva room (UNIGE-SCIENCE) is in the Sciences III building on the 1st floor (number 104A).

ISDN participants should use 128kbps (not 2x64) to connect. IP participants can connect at 384kbps.

Esnet reservation ID3320
Time14:30 GMT
Duration2 Hours
RoomParticipantsLocal TimeCall NumberType
FNAL-WH10NWSteve Geer 08:30 (US/Central)00080IP
IIT-CAPPYagmur Torun 08:30 (US/Central)00080IP
Imperial-Rm532Malcolm Ellis 14:30 (GMT)00080IP
UNIGE-SCIENCERikard Sandström 15:30 (MET)00080IP
JLABBob Rimmer 09:30 (US/Eastern)+1 510 704 5726ISDN
OsakaMakoto Yoshida 23:30 (JST)+1 510 704 5726ISDN
RAL-CR01Paul Drumm 14:30 (GMT)+1 510 704 5726ISDN

Yagmur Torun - February 11, 2004