Video Conference

The Absorber/Focus Coil Safety working group session during the MICE collaboration meeting at Columbia on June 13, 2003 (8:30-12:30 US/Eastern -> 12:30-16:30 GMT) will be video conferenced.

See below for video numbers. The Columbia room is Pupin-1402 (astronomy library). This will be a point to point call initiated by RAL.

Room            Participants          Local Time         Directory Number
COLUMBIA-ASTRO  Mike Zisman           08:30 (US/Eastern) 1-212 851 2562,3
RAL-CR8         Iouri Ivaniouchenkov  13:30 (BST)

If there are problems, you may be able to contact the rooms in this
meeting at the following phone numbers:
Room            Conference Room Phone Number
RAL-CR8         44-1235-446395

Yagmur Torun - June 10, 2003