Video Conference

The detector working group session during the MICE collaboration meeting at Columbia on June 13, 2003 (8:30-12:30 US/Eastern -> 12:30-16:30 GMT) will be video conferenced.

See below for video connection details. The Columbia room is Pupin-705. The CERN room is 4-030 in building 14.

DCS ID:   252834
Title:    MICE Detector Meeting
Time:     06-13-2003 07:30 AM (US/Central)
Duration: 4 Hours
Type:     multi-room
Speed:    2x64 kbps

Room           Participants      Local Time         Directory Number
COLUMBIA       Yagmur Torun      08:30 (US/Eastern)  +1 510 704-5940 
CERN-14-4-030  Peter Gruber      14:30 (MET)         +1 510 704-5895
Louvain        Ghislain Gregoire 14:30 (MET)         +1 510 704-5872 
Rome           Ludovico Tortora  14:30 (MET)         +1 510 704-5891 

If there are problems, you may be able to contact the rooms in this
meeting at the following phone numbers:
Room            Conference Room Phone Number
COLUMBIA        212-854-3775

Conference Owner: Yagmur Torun, 312-567-3390,
Conference Requester: Yagmur Torun, , 

 If you have a problem that you feel is related to ESnet's
 video/data/audio conferencing equipment, please contact the ESnet
 Operations staff at 1-800-333-7638 or 1-510-486-7600 or send email

 The ESnet Operations staff is available 24x7 for problem reporting, but
 please note: ESnet technical support is available 8 AM - 5 PM Pacific
 (US) time. If the problem is at the end-user's site please contact the
 local end-user's technical support staff. 

 Please review LBNL Holiday schedule for additional days of limited

Yagmur Torun - June 10, 2003