Video Conference

We have a MICE video conference scheduled for Wednesday, April 9 13:30-15:30 GMT.

The agenda (to be confirmed) looks like this:

For audio-only participants, there's a parallel phone conference which will be bridged into the video. You need to dial 1-334-262-0740 to join by phone and enter 428098 as the participant code when prompted.

See below for video connection details. The Fermilab room is the Black Hole (WH2NW). The CERN room is 4-C01 in building 40 (the LHC building).

DCS ID:   241095
Title:    MICE Meeting
Time:     04-09-2003 08:30 AM (US/Central)
Duration: 2 Hours
Type:     multi-room
Speed:    2x64 kbps

Room           Participants        Local Time         Directory Number
BNL-2-111      Juan Gallardo       09:30 (US/Eastern)  +1 510 704-5864 
CERN-40-4-C01  Peter Gruber        15:30 (MET)         +1 510 704-5940 
FNAL-BH        Steve Geer          08:30 (US/Central)  +1 510 704-5863 
Naples         Vittorio Palladino  15:30 (MET)         +1 510 704-5916 
RAL-R18        Paul Drumm          14:30 (BST)         +1 510 704-5851 
Osaka          Yoshi Kuno          22:30 (JST)         +1 510 704-5872 
IIT-CAPP       Yagmur Torun        08:30 (US/Central)  +1 510 704-5933 
UCR-HEP        Gail Hanson         06:30 (US/Pacific)  +1 510 704-5893 
UIUC-HEP       Debbie Errede       08:30 (US/Central)  +1 510 704-5897 

If there are problems, you may be able to contact the rooms in this
meeting at the following phone numbers:
Room            Conference Room Phone Number
BNL-2-111       631-344-5961
CERN-40-4-C01   +41.22.767.1184
FNAL-BH         630-840-8188
IIT-CAPP        +1 312 567-5746
UCR-HEP         909-787-3493
UIUC-HEP        217-244-7574

Conference Owner: Yagmur Torun, 312-567-3390,
Conference Requester: Yagmur Torun, 312-567-3390,

 If you have a problem that you feel is related to ESnet's
 video/data/audio conferencing equipment, please contact the ESnet
 Operations staff at 1-800-333-7638 or 1-510-486-7600 or send email

 The ESnet Operations staff is available 24x7 for problem reporting, but
 please note: ESnet technical support is available 8 AM - 5 PM Pacific
 (US) time. If the problem is at the end-user's site please contact the
 local end-user's technical support staff. 

 Please review LBNL Holiday schedule for additional days of limited

Yagmur Torun - April 10, 2003