Video Conference

The MICE detector meeting at CERN on Thursday, June 13 in the IT Amphitheatre (31-3-004) will be video conferenced starting 2pm CERN time (noon GMT). We have four hours of video time scheduled.

The agenda looks like this:
Introduction(V. Palladino, 5')
Time structure of RAL beam(A.Blondel)
Status of detector simulations(V. Grichine, 30')
Reconstruction and emittance calculation(P. Gruber, 10')
TOF(A. Guglielmi, 20')
Fiber tracker(E. Mc Kigney, 30')
TPG(U. Gastaldi, 45')
e-Cerenkov(G. Gregoire, moved)
DAQ(E. Radicioni, 30')

See below for connection details. FNAL-12 is the Beauty Parlor (WH 12NW).

DCS ID:   205733
Title:    MICE detector meeting 
Time:     06-13-2002 07:00 AM (US/Central)
Duration: 4 Hours
Type:     multi-room
Speed:    2x64 kbps

Room      Participants        Local Date     Local Time         Directory Number
FNAL-12   Alan Bross          06-13-2002 07:00 AM (US/Central)  +1 510 704-5926 
GUEST     Vittorio Palladino  06-13-2002 07:00 AM (US/Central)  +1 510 704-5886 
GUEST     Yoshi Kuno          06-13-2002 07:00 AM (US/Central)  +1 510 704-5891 
IIT-CAPP  Yagmur Torun        06-13-2002 07:00 AM (CST6CDT)     +1 510 704-5887 
UIUC-HEP  Debbie Errede       06-13-2002 07:00 AM (CST6CDT)     +1 510 704-5855 

If there are problems, you may be able to contact the rooms in this
meeting at the following phone numbers:
Room            Conference Room Phone Number
FNAL-12         630-840-8736        
IIT-CAPP        +1 312 567-5746     
UIUC-HEP        217-244-7574        

Conference Owner: Sheila Cisko, 630-840-4516,
Conference Requester: Yagmur Torun, 312-567-3390,

 If you have a problem that you feel is related to ESnet's
 video/data/audio conferencing equipment, please contact the ESnet
 Operations staff at 1-800-333-7638 or 1-510-486-7600 or send email

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Yagmur Torun -
June 24, 2002