Video Conference

Thursday - May 7, 2009

13:30 GMT

  1. News (A. Blondel)
  2. MOM Report (P. Soler)
  3. Luminosity Monitor (P. Soler)
  4. MICE Data Flow (H. Nebrensky)
  5. Status of the New Target System (C. Booth)
  6. Status of the Spectrometer Solenoids (S. Virostek)
  7. AoB

Speakers can upload talks here.

The Fermilab room is Snake Pit (WH2NE).

Phone participants should dial 1-510 665 5437, enter 6423 (that's MICE) as the meeting ID and speak their name when prompted.

IP-video participants should call 856423 at 384kbps or higher.

Streaming video is available at http://mcu2.es.net/, enter 6423 for the conference ID.

Yağmur Torun May 6, 2009