Video Conference

Thursday - April 24, 2008

13:30 GMT

  1. News (A. Blondel)
  2. MOM Report (M. Apollonio)
  3. MOM Report II (M. Ellis)
  4. Project manager report (A. Nichols)
  5. Preparing May Run: Detector Configuration (Alan Bross)
  6. Preparing May Run: BEam Line Configuration (Kevin Tilley)
  7. AoB

Speakers can upload talks here.

The Fermilab room is Snake Pit (WH2NE).

Phone participants should dial 1-510 665 5437, enter 6423 (that's MICE) as the meeting ID and speak their name when prompted.

IP-video participants should call 856423 at 384kbps or higher.

Yağmur Torun April 21, 2008