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From Vittorio.Palladino@NA.INFN.IT Tue Mar 19 11:40:07 2002
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 18:29:58 +0100
From: Vittorio Palladino 
Subject: Re: MICE Detector Task Force, Meeeting Wed Mar 20,
                  change of venue!!!!

        dear Mice,

the meeting of our detector task force for the Muon Ionization Cooling
Experiment is confirmed, at CERN on the afternoon of

                       Wed March 20
                         2:00 pm

but it will be a Video Conference, with Fermilab and two campuses
of Univ. of Illinois connected.

It will take therefore place in the PUB room in the basement of Bdg

A fifth talk is added to the agenda

1) Overview of the TPG option for MICE  (U. Gastaldi)
2) Physics and practice of GEM readout  (F. Sauli)
3) TPG readout and data acquisition     (E. Radicioni)
4) A cheap TOF option                   (M. Bonesini)
5) MICE trackers:tolerable noise levels (G. Barr)

 Best regards

 Alan Bross & Vittorio Palladino

NB It is recommended that speaker post their slides on the Web
   in advance and inform the mailing list of their location;
   remote participants will thus be able to follow the meeting
   much easier.

See below for connection details. CERN-PUB is room 58-s-006, FNAL-10 is Wilson Hall 10th floor northwest.

DCS ID:   191495
Title:    Mice Detector meeting 
Time:     03-20-2002 02:00 PM (MET)
Duration: 3 Hours
Type:     multi-room
Speed:    2x64 kbps
Meeting Comment: M.P.D/18.03.02 

Room       Participants         Local Date     Local Time         Directory Number
CERN-PUB   Vittorio Palladino   03-20-2002 02:00 PM (MET)         +1 510 704-5916 
FNAL-10    Alan Bross           03-20-2002 07:00 AM (US/Central)  +1 510 704-5870 
GUEST      Yagmur Torun         03-20-2002 02:00 PM (MET)         +1 510 704-5897 
GUEST                           03-20-2002 02:00 PM (MET)         +1 510 704-5851 
UIUC-HEP   Deborah Errede       03-20-2002 07:00 AM (CST6CDT)     +1 510 704-5855 

If there are problems, you may be able to contact the rooms in this
meeting at the following phone numbers:
Room            Conference Room Phone Number
CERN-PUB        41-22-767-7708      
FNAL-10         630-840-6611 (spkr) 
UIUC-HEP        217-244-7574        

Conference Owner: toperator, +41.22.767.61.11,
Conference Requester: Vittorio Palladino, 73541,

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Yagmur Torun -
March 19, 2002