A list of talks and posters presented in 2009 was recently compiled for the MICE status report.

References to that and the years before will soon be added here.


Those below are the events presently being treated (they will be the first in next status report)


12th Vienna conference on instrumentation 15-20 Feb


Tracker abstract submitted (speaker being identified)

PID abstract submitted (J.S. Graulich)

APS10 April Meeting 2010

February 13 - 17, 2010 Washington, DC

abstract has been submitted to APS April Meeting 2010 PostDeadline.
The log number for the submission is APR10-2009-020060.

(B. Freemire)

Moriond EW 2010 & Rencontres de Physique,
La Thuile

March 6-13th, 2010

Talk granted (P. Henlet)


Next, http://www.mice.iit.edu/speakers/IPAC10.htm is the table of the titles submitted as posters to IPAC10

before the deadline Dec 9, with

-title of and, soon, link to abstract

-mouse in charge of submission

-mice preparing the poster, presenting it and submitting the writeup by May 19, if different.

(*) first to our traditional PAC preview session, likely to be on May 5-6 and then to the conference later.



Further events (so far identified) in 2010 are


Neutrino Oscillations in Venice 2010 ?

Mar Venice

No sign of it on the web


No sign of it on the web

NUINT 2010
7th International Workshop On Neutrino-Nucleus Interactions In The Few-GeV Region

No sign of it on the web

EuCARD 2010

12-16 Apr 2010, RAL

BIW 2010

Santa Fe, May 02-06

Beams Instrumentation Workshop  

12th Pisa Meeting on Advanced Detectors,

May,Elba, Italy

No sign of it on the web

DIPAC|10 10th Eu Workshop on Beam Diagnostics & Instrumentation for Particle Accelerators

No sign of it on the web


XIV International Conferences on Calorimetry in High Energy Physics

Beijing 10-14 May

Neutrino 2010

24th International Conference On Neutrino Physics And Astrophysics (Neutrino 2010)
14-20 Jun 2010, Athens, Greece

DPF 2010 Meeting of the Division of Particles and Fields of the APS

Where, When.


Paris 21-28 Jul


August, India


Lecce, September

No sign of it on the web

TAUP 2010,

12th International Conference on Topics in Astroparticle and Underground Physics,

No sign of it on the web

LINAC 2010

Tsukuba Sep 12-17

Linear Accelerator Conference

IEEE 2010

IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium

2010 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium And Medical Imaging Conference (NSS MIC 2010)
30 October - 6 November in Knoxville, Tennessee



Where, when?

Workshop on Beam Cooling and Related Topics

Where, When?

AccApp 10

International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Research Applications and Utilization of Accelerators

3-7 Oct

Knoxville, TN, US??????


13th International Conference on Accelerator and Large Experimental Physics Control Systems

Where, When?


23nd International Workshop On Weak Interactions And Neutrinos
January, Capetown

  PAC 2011 ?????

New York, New York, USA March 01-05 Particle Accelerator Conference

Neutrino Telescopes in Venice 2011 ?

Mar Venice

IPAC 2011

Valencia, Spain September 01-06 International Particle Accelerator Conference