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Operating Systems

G4MICE is supported on a number of Linux flavours including the most popular versions of RedHat, SLC, etc. We hope to release Windows and Mac versions in the near future. The current releases of G4MICE require the following compiler and external libraries (notice that the Windows and Mac versions are different in a few cases). Please note that it is NOT necessary to download and compile each of these yourself (unless you really want to), pre-compiled installations are made available for each of the operating systems in the table:

Since Sunday 10th May 2009, the code in CVS has been updated to comile with the new version of g++, GEANT4, etc.

Package Linux Source
compiler gcc 4.3.2 GCC website
GEANT4 9.2.p01 GEANT4 website
ROOT 5.22.0 ROOT website
GSL 1.12 GSL website
RecPack 24th April 2009 Source code tarball
Operating System External Libraries Setup Script
Linux extlibs.gcc4.3.2.linux.tgz setupmice.csh

1 Select an area of disk in which to store the external libraries, G4MICE source code, etc. You will need about 2 Gig of space in order to compile and build all the executables and still have some room to run some simple applications. For the purposes of this guide we will assume that the username is bloggs and that their home directory is in /home/bloggs and that there is another area called /large_disk/ in which they have a directory called bloggs.

2 In this area, create a directory called mice:

/home/bloggs > cd /large_disk/bloggs/

/large_disk/bloggs > mkdir mice

3 From your home directory, make a link to this new mice directory:

/large_disk/bloggs > cd

/home/bloggs > ln s /large_disk/mice ./

Note! If you have lots of space in your home directory and don't need to put the software elsewhere (for example, if you are running under cygwin on a windows system with one large disk), then the 3 steps above can be replaced with the following two commands:

/some/other/path > cd

/home/bloggs > mkdir mice

4 Download the micesetup.csh and the external library tarball into this mice directory from the links in the table above (choose the one appropriate to your operating system). If you find it easier, instead of selecting the links above, you can always use the wget command. For example:

/some/other/path > cd ~/mice/

/home/bloggs/mice > wget

/home/bloggs/mice > wget

5 Unpack the tarball with the command tar xvzmf . An example of this might be tar xvzmf linux_extlibs.tgz. This will create a directory called gcc4.3.2 inside of which you will find the compiler and all the external libraries listed above:

/home/bloggs > cd mice

/home/bloggs/mice > tar xvzmf extlibs.gcc4.3.2.linux.tgz

/home/bloggs/mice > rm -f extlibs.gcc4.3.2.linux.tgz

6 Edit the setupmice.csh file and modify it according to the comments in the file. This should only require a modification if you have installed the code somewhere other than the location listed in steps 1-3 or if you wish to use your own CVS account on the IIT server (instead of logging in to it anonymously). If you are using your own CVS account, you will need to issue a cvs login command after step 7 and/or ensure there is a correct entry in the .cvspass file in your home directory.

7 Source the script (source setupmice.csh or source This should result in 8 lines of output confirming the versions of the compiler an external packages that you are using. An example under Linux is reproduced below:

Installed MICE Environment
Linux setings:
Compiler gcc4.3.2
GEANT4 version 4.9.2.p01
CLHEP version
ROOT version 5.22.0
GSL version 1.12
UNPACKING version 2.0
RecPack version 20090424

Note! Every time that you open up a new shell or login to your account you will need to source this script, if not, then the code will not compile or run!

9 You are now ready to install G4MICE:

/where/ever/you/are/ > cd ~/mice/

/home/bloggs/mice > cvs co -r mice-2-2-0 MICE

/home/bloggs/mice > cd MICE/mgr

/home/bloggs/mice/MICE/mgr > make

Congratulations! G4MICE is now installed and ready to run. Nb: this will install the latest release version of G4MICE, version mice-2-2-0.

Successful Installations

The following people have installed G4MICE successfully:

Person Operating System Computer Comments
Aron Fish Linux lx cluster at Imperial  
Aron Fish Mac OS X Laptop  
Malcolm Ellis Cygwin Laptop Twice: on a DELL latitude D810 and D830
Malcolm Ellis Linux  
Paul Kyberd Linux Taking external packages from Malcolm
Tamas Sashalmi Linux Imperial College machine Compiled using gcc 4.x on a 64 bit machine
Ken Long Linux lx cluster at Imperial An Actual Professor! Taking external packages from Aron
Terry Hart Linux IIT  
Ben Freemire Linux IIT  
Michael Wojcik Linux IIT  
Chris Rogers Linux RAL 64 bit
David Forrest Linux Glasgow University  
Mark Rayner Linux Oxford University  
Yordan Karadzhov Linux Sofia University  
Rikard Sandstrom Linux Geneva University  
Mary-Anne Cummings Cygwin Laptop Work on the MANX experiment

A note about building recpack - to build recpack, I did: ./; ./; make; ar cru librecpack.a *.o */*.o - note that I also had to fix a typo in one of the source files (something like hv not defined). Urk! What a mess.

Malcolm Ellis - 23rd August 2009