Date: Fri, 21 May 2004 15:26:37 +0100
From: Ken Long
Subject: [Mice-tracker] Summary of today's phone call

Summary of tracker-module phone call: 21May04

1. Status of cryocooler design

  * Rus Rucinski: designer working on assembly drawing. Hope is to
    circulate a PDF next week, based on hand-sketch. Hydraulic
    cylinders removed. Cryocooler mounted on spacer welded into top
    lid. Helium port perhaps to be moved into top of device to avoid
    cassette modification. Temperature sensors being
    considered. Titanium welds perhaps problematic, so considering
    e-beam welding and alternative materials. Also considering
    aluminium for can instead of stainless steel.

    Answers to questions:

    * Metric units prefered;

    * Component vendors (flanges etc.), chosen for convenience. KY to
      ask S. Ishimoto - ideal is company with presence in US with
      distributer in Japan.

2. Towards a planning for KEK test beam

  i. Fibre procurement

     M. Yoshida: Problem with procurement is that it is urgent to
     order 3HF fibre. Lead time is one month. So, if require fibre by
     end of June, then it must be ordered straight away.

     Proposal is to order two types of fibre:

    * 2500 ppm 3HF

    * 5000 ppm 3HF

     Request to Arita-san to make cost estimate for 5 km of each
     doping. Proposal accepted.

     AB asks that fibre be cut at Kurarae. MY: that is the plan.
     Cutting is done by hand. Kurarae want to avoid cutting at 50
     cm. So supply will be 100 cm canes.

 ii. Ribon fabrication:

     A. Bross: Will begin to prepare moulds and other mechanical
     procedures. Mirroring will be first step. In parallel will make
     some prototype ribons. Mirroring will take of order a month,
     August for layup. September is goal for delivery of planes to

iii. Station fabrication/QA

     R. Gamet: Pete Cooke, though busy with LHCB, he has plan for
     making additional station. Geoff Barber and Pete Cooke need to 
     discuss details. Enough carbon fibre in stock but tooling block
     will need to be purchased.

     K. Long: Room preparation at Imperial will be carried out between
     now and September. Also, will review/prepare the QA procedures.
     Brunel need to be more closely coupled.

 iv. Test-beam status

     K. Yoshimura: Test-beam period April - July 2005. One week
     will be granted during this period. Propose to request a week
     early in the period and a week towards the end. Proposal must be
     prepared by KEK members. Magnet movement planning and other
     services planning can be discussed when all in Osaka.


  * A. Bross: Problem has arisen with board layout. Schematic
    preparation has been done but detailed layout is delayed. Estimate
    is four weeks before layout is ready for manufacture. Work-arounds
    are being sought. Implication for D0 serious.

    Testing of AFE boards both for KEK test and MICE tracker
    discussed. Decide to make a call between Dave Price (IC),
    elec. eng. (Liv) and A. Bross + relevant electronics expert in
    advance of the electronics conversation.

4. KEK meeting planning

    K. Yoshimura: Message with agenda sent out earlier today. Y. Kuno
    available from afternoon of Tuesday 08Jun04 and A. Sato also can
    only attend 08Jun and 09Jun. On Thursday 10Jun will concentrate on
    VLPC cryostat. Evening of 09Jun04 - MICE fibre tracker dinner.

5. AoB