Tracker Meeting, 16 April 2012

Agenda: minutes
  1. Actions:
    • CMacW: Valve on cryostat needs replacing after accident.
    • ES, AD: Split out unpacking/calibration of data in a separate mapper.
    • ML, ES, OL, AD, KL: Urgent to add description of the geometry and complete the coordinate system description to the tracker s/w write up.
    • CMacW: fire protection.
    • KL: Prepare for review of schedules.
    • CMacW, PR: list all items that may be affected adversely by the magnetic field.
    • ES: Provide space-point algebra for documentation.
    • CMacW: Pursue ISIS for buffered signal and TOF1 rewiring in MICO.
    • ES: Send updated tracks data to A. Belozertseva.
    • MR: Control system modified for single station test.i
    • DA: Make shift schedule for May run.
    • CMacW: Need to check on level of access during H test.
    • ES: Modify unpacking to accommodate new VLSBMaster data format.
    • AD/DA: Add services to the agenda. (Done.)
    • AD/MR: Liaise with Chris Rogers about use of new OnRec machine.
  2. Particle trigger relationship to ISIS clock: EO
  3. Cosmic test - status of analysis: ES
  4. Preparations for single station test and full tracker system:
    • Mechanical: GB
      • Single station vessel;
      • He window;
      • LED system;
      • Hall-probes and fixtures.
      • Mothballing will wait until there is a period of time to work uninterrupted.
    • Electronics, cryo and electrical: CMacW
    • DAQ/DATE: ABr, DA, PR
      • DA's list:
        • Testing of DAQ using internal modes/LED particle trigger
        • Get final RF signals from ISIS
        • Verification of ISIS RF/trigger relationship
        • Setup of ISIS RF manipulation in MLCR
        • Testing of manipulated ISIS RF as integration period on AFE boards
        • De-cable cryostat
        • Test of sliding floor
        • Re-cable cryostat
        • Cool down?
        • Single station installation
        • Testing with LED using real ISIS external clocks
        • Use TOF particle triggers with real ISIS RF clock
        • Scan various delays for signal using full setup
  5. Services in the MICE hall: CMacW
  6. Mitigation of effect of magnetic field: CMacW
  7. Software status
    • Overview and pattern recognition: AD
    • Track fit: ES
    • Simulation: PK, CH
    • Documentation: KL
  8. Snagging list:
    • Zero suppression, implies calibration etc.;
    • Handling of ISIS RF in MICE Hall;
    • Implementation of integration window, clock etc. in the MICE Hall;
    • Distribution/scheme for handling detector "busy" signals in the MICE Hall;
    • Add check sum or other data integrity token to r/o.
  9. Schedule review
  10. Next meeting
    • Tracker phone call: 23 Apr12; 16:30 GMT.
    • Next Tracker workshops:
      • Work-in starting 23Apr12 to get ready for beam test
        • Machine physics starts 30Apr12--13May12, then permits and cycle starts 15May12.
  11. AoB and summary of actions.

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Date: Monday, 16th April 2012
Time: 16:30 BST

Connection details:
The four digit company id: 4673 (callers from outside the UK); and
The pin number: 419357
Dial-in numbers are available here.

Edward Santos - 16th April 2012