Phone Conference

PID Detectors

September 12, 2006

  1. Update on analysis of TOF data (Maurizio / Jordan)
  2. Update on analysis of KL data (Domizia, TBC)
  3. First analysis of test SW data (Pietro)
  4. Update on simulations of test beam settings (Pietro)
  5. CKOVI: short update, preparation of review (Lucien)
  6. Upstream PID simulation: progress with G4BEAM (Kenny)
  7. Upstream PID simulation: progress with G4MICE (Hideyuki)
  8. Downstream scraping, radii of shields & detectors (Yagmur/ Rikard)
  9. AoB

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Date: Thursday, September 12, 2006
Time: 15:00-17:00 GMT
Dial-in Number: 1-510 665 5437
Participant code: 6423743 (MICE PID)

Yagmur Torun September 8, 2006