Phone Conference


February 9, 2006


  1. Minutes of meeting - Takashi
  1. Test beam analysis update - ME, MY, HS, AH, ...
  2. Simulation plans - ME, TM,
    (e.g. station spacing study, helium study (need to repeat?), vacuum window study)
  3. Status/plans for TRD update - TM
    - Goal here is to help TM identify missing pieces and to generate volunteers to provide i/p!
  4. Status/plans for audit sheet updates - GB, AB,
    - Guess 'ownership' of information required to fill the audit sheets is with Geoff (mechanical) and Alan (electronics and cryo). Again goal this time will be to review the information and try to assign tasks.
  5. Electronics plans - CM, ME,
    Hope Craig and Malcolm are OK with this!
  6. AoB

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Date: Thursday, February 9, 2006
Time: 13:30 GMT
Dial-in numbers:
(Inside the U.K.) 0871 271 2900
(Outside the U.K.) +44 (0)870 050 6800
Enter the meeting code 541254 when prompted.

Yagmur Torun February 8, 2006