Phone Conference


December 15, 2005


  1. Status of analysis of test beam data - Malcolm (Hideyuki, Makoto)
  2. Electronics:
  3. Review of status of mechanical design
  4. Status of documents for TB
  5. Planning for the tracker review
  6. AoB and Christmas vacation

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Notes and actions from the tracker volume meeting 16Nov05

 1. Tracker-magnet interface

    i. Mounting of the tracker patch panel on solenoid end flange

       - G.Barber to send drawing of patch panel support and sealing
         mechanism to S.Virostek in DXF and JPG formats.

   ii. Fitting of vacuum (helium) seal to downstream end of solenoid 
       for step 2

       - M.Green in collaboration with S.Yang and W.Lau to propose
         window for the downstream end of the solenoid suitable
         for use in step II when it is expected that the tracker
         volume will be flushed with helium.

  iii. Location mechanism for tracker in magnet bore

       - It was agreed that a clearance of 2 mm was required between
         the inner surface of the magnet warm bore and the outermost
         extent of the carbon-fibre station supports.

       - G.Barber to draw revised scheme for the tracker support
         system based on the 2 mm clearance specification and the
         discussion at the meeting.

 2. Tracker mechanical

    i. Patch panel

       - Actions noted under 1.

   ii. Vacuum-pumping scheme for magnet bore

       - M.Green's proposal to place a pumping port on the extension
         to the magnet verssel that holds the radiation shield was

  iii. Fringe field and VLPC cryostat cryocooler position

       - M.Green to circulate to the tracker list the magnetic field
         map that has already been calculated.

       - T.Jones to send J.Cobb and H.Witte (CC M.Green) the drawing
         showing the position of the VLPC cryostat so that the fringe
         field at the position of the cryostat can be checked.

       - A.Bross to check the minimum length of helium pressure hose

       - T.Jones to elaborate support scheme for the helium pressure

 3. Magnetic field monitoring

    i. Number, position, and mounting of Hall probes

      - After noting that the role of the Hall probes was to monitor 
        changes in the magnetic field between settings and during
        operation, it was agree to evaluate the precision with which
        the field could be monitored with the probes mounted outside
        the magnet. The following actions were agreed to evaluate

      - M.Green to solicit from J.Cobb or H.Witte a calculation field
        map showing the field at the out surfaces of the magnet.
      - F.Filthaut to evaluate the precision with which the field can
        be monitored assuming the field provided above.

   ii. Hall probe services

       - Issue pending decision from 3.i.

 4. Step II.5

    i. Tracker installation scheme

       - G.Barber to evaluate the possibility that the tracker could
         be installed through the magnetic shield.

   ii. Installation/fixing of absorber

       - G.Barber to propose a support mechanism for the absorber.

 5. Installation and maintenance

   i. Local clean/dark area

      - Scheme proposed by G.Barber seemed OK. Details to be
        elaborated by Y.Ivanyushenkov and T.Jones.

 6. Summary of actions and AoB

    - Change request for filling tracker volume with helium.

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Date: Thursday, December 15, 2005
Time: 17:00 GMT
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Yagmur Torun December 15, 2005