Phone Conference


December 2, 2005


  1. Notes on meeting - Ken
  1. Status of analysis of test beam data
    • Hideyuki
    • Makoto
    • Malcolm
    • Decisions required:
      • Can we confirm 2500 ppm PTP doping? And clear fibre spec.?
      • Consequent action: KL/AB prepare paper for TB proposing purchase.
      • Do we need to implement the systematic search for the mechanism of light loss in station 4? Proposed procedure appended.
      • Consequent action: Repack tracker and send to IC.
      • Proposal for check of light-loss in fourth station:
        Assume that light yield in station 4 remains at between 5 and 7.5
        p.e. Assumption to be checked with analysis at the next Tracker
        meeting. Then, need to investigate light loss. The following is the
        result of a discussion at IC between AB, ME, and KL. 
        Please amend and comment, we should discuss it at the next Tracker
        phone call and then take action. If Paul Kyberd's QA set is ready we
        could use it to do the station check and some of the other fibre checks.
        Source of        Proposed action                         Who/where
        light loss
        Mirror damage    Shine light into fibre at station       IC
                         connector end. Look for light going
                         through mirror by eye or with CCD
        Scintillating    In software check responce channel      Malcolm,
        fibre damage     by channel and response vs distance     Hideyuki, ...
                         along fibre.
        Station          Manufacture new connector set           IC
        connector                    and
                         measure light transmission at           FNAL
                         Once analysis has identified the worst  Malcolm/Hideyuki
                         connector, remove it and test with wave IC/FNAL
        Clear fibre      Illuminate waveguides, quantify light   IC
                         transmission. Send worst light guide
                         to FNAL for cut-back test.              FNAL
        Patch-panel      Manufacture new connector set           IC
        connector              and
                         measure light transmission at           FNAL
  2. AoB

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Date: Friday, December 2, 2005
Time: 13:30 GMT
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Yagmur Torun December 6, 2005