MTA Counters


You can find the magnetic shielding details here, shielding calculations here and some spectrum measurements for calibration here.

Signal cable High Voltage Counter
Delay (ns)Attenuation ChannelLocationRating (V) TypeLocation
7492?0.9067? 7Linac LT0-1 (upper 3U)-2200 scintillator paddle with 90-degree lightguide z-center far beam-left
84220.9194 8Linac LT0-1 (middle 2U)-2200 large scintillator paddleupstream (alcove) beam-center
94220.9247 6Linac LT0-1 (cow ch6)-1500 scintillator cubeupstream beam-left
104240.9247 5Linac LT0-1 (cow ch5)-1500 scintillator paddle upstream beam-center
114240.9247 4Linac LT0-1 (cow ch4)-1500 scintillator cubeupstream beam-right
124220.9247 3Linac LT0-1 (cow ch3)-1500 scintillator pad with long lightguidez-center beam-left
134120.9239 2Linac LT0-1 (cow ch2)-1500 scintillator pad with long lightguidez-center beam-center
144500.9239 1Linac LT0-1 (cow ch1)-1500 scintillator pad with long lightguidez-center beam-right
154500.9247 2RefRm (upper)-2600 thin scintillator paddledownstream beam-center
16450?0.9247? 1RefRm (lower)+800 NaI crystalfar downstream beam-right or
far upstream (alcove) beam-left

Yağmur Torun November 11, 2006