MICE in the media: Neutrino production moves to an industrial scale (CERN Courier, May 12)
— General Information —
Historical document on goals and preliminary design (A. Blondel)
Overview of progress on the construction of MICE: Project Dashboard
Executive Board, Technical Board and working group contacts
Collaborator list   Collaboration Board   Governance  
MICEmine   MICE-Notes   MICE Indico   Technical Reference Document   Theses
MICE at RAL, RAL proposal and review process
— Upcoming Meetings —
Online Group Meeting (April 16, 2014)
Video Conference (May 15, 2014)
Collaboration Meeting CM 39 (June 25-28, 2014)
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— Recent Meetings —
MICE Collaboration Meeting - CM38 (February 23-26, 2014, Napa)
MICE Collaboration Meeting - CM37 (November 6-8, 2013 - RAL, Indico)
CHEP 2013 (Oct 14-18, 2013 - Amsterdam)
NAPAC'13 (29 Sep-04 Oct, 2013 - Pasadena)
NuFact 2013 (Aug 19-24, 2013 - Beijing) (Indico)
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— Links —
MuCool collaboration and test area for cooling R&D
European Neutrino Group and muon storage ring page at CERN
Muon Accelerator Program page at Fermilab
UK Neutrino Factory and MICE-UK pages at RAL
Japanese Neutrino Factory page at KEK
— Communication —
Weekly news digest
Photo Album
Collaboration Meetings
Speakers Bureau   Mailing Lists
Video and Phone Conferences
FAC Open Sessions   MICE Project Board Presentations
EUcard2 Transnational access to the ICTF (Ionisation Cooling Test Facility)
(next application deadline: 11 September 2014)
Academic Training
RB Palmer The first in a series of academic training lectures was held February 24-25, 2014 during CM38, and were delivered by the distinguished Bob Palmer.
See the Academic Training page for links to videos and slides.
RB Palmer
— Working Groups —
MICO (Installation, Commissioning, Operations)
BeamlineRF PowerMagnetics
DetectorsTrackerRadiation Monitor Group
Engineering IntegrationDesign & Safety WG
Absorber/Focus Coil Safety and AFC Module


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