What's in a name?

It took a while to settle on a name and logo for our experiment.


Steve Geer initially suggested the acronym ICE (from International Cooling Experiment) and it was a pretty good fit (we would like an ice cold beam!). Of course if the international part failed, one could fall back to Ionization (or Ionisation perhaps) :-).

Alain Blondel pointed out that ICE was already taken by the old pbar cooling experiment at CERN, so that was out.

At the CERN workshop on October 27, 2001, Peter Gruber suggested an alternative: C-EX for "Cooling Experiment" with a snazzy logo that I don't have. I can imagine funding agency representatives going "You want money for what?!" :-).

Dan Kaplan suggested several variations (iMICE, µ-ICE, IMICE, I-µ-ICE) in November 2001 and I imagined something like


but MICE (Alain Blondel's preference) is the name that stuck. A decent logo was still missing.

At the MUON collaboration meeting on May 11, 2002, Alain Blondel's title page contained the following picture (with better fonts):

which was a pretty good candidate for our logo.

A modified form of this (to remove the blind mice implication) ended up on the front page of the RAL proposal (submitted January 10, 2003) and is the de facto logo unless someone comes up with a better alternative.

Yagmur Torun
April 16, 2003