MICE Collaboration Meeting

March 29 - April 1, 2004 -- CERN

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Accommodations: can be arranged through CERN Housing Service
Computing: You need to register with CERN to be allowed access to the network while you're there. You can start here and follow the links/instructions. If you don't have a CERN computing account, you can use this registration form (you can enter Helmut Haseroth as the CERN contact person).
Meeting rooms: Plenary sessions will be in the PS Auditorium (also called AB Auditorium I) which is room 2-024 in building 6. Some of the parallel sessions will be in room 1-007 in building 17, room 1-001A in building 304 and room 1-A24 in building 32.

The program is shown below including room assignments.
Speakers can upload talks here.

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Monday 29 March
09:30 PLENARY 1 (Room 6-2-024)
09:30 Welcome and meeting announcements R. Sandström
09:40 Spokesmouse's introduction A. Blondel
10:15 Project manager's report P. Drumm
11:00 Information technology report Y. Torun
11:15 US neutrino factory "Study IIa" M. Zisman
11:45 Dark current backgrounds and the R&D effort to reduce them J. Norem
12:10 Charge to working groups A. Blondel/P. Drumm
13:30 PARALLEL 1
Absorber/Focus Coil Module (Room 6-2-024) - W. Lau
13:30 Update on AFC interfaces progress W. Lau
14:00 Detector/Focus Coil module interface details P. Fabbricatore
14:20 AFC Safety and safety related issues M. Zisman
14:45Hydrogen system designE. Baynham/Y. Ivanyushenkov
15:05Magnet force calculationE. Baynham/J. Rochford
15:25 Cryocooler for the AFC M. Green/W. Lau
16:00 Window test update & KEK absorber cryostat progress E. Black
16:20 Detail design on cold mass support R. Senanayake
16:40 Coil support tube thermal & stress analysis S. Yang
17:00General discussion
Tracking Detectors (Room 17-1-007) - A. Bross
13:30 Cosmic ray test results M. Ellis
13:55Fiber measurementsA. Sato
14:20 KEK test beam K. Yoshimura
14:45 Mechanical design G. Barber
15:30 TPG status E. Radicioni
15:55 Coil/integration/cost K. Long
18:00Technical Board meeting (Room 17-1-007)
Tuesday 30 March
09:00 PARALLEL 2
Beamline (Room 6-2-024) - K. Tilley
09:00 MICE target development status C. Booth
09:15 Target source calculations T. Roberts
09:30 Particle ID along the beamline P. Soler
09:45 Design concept and new baseline description K. Tilley
10:45 Beamline performance with new magnet descriptions T. Roberts
11:30General discussionK. Tilley/All
Alignment and Tolerances (Room 17-1-007) - E. Black/Y. Ivanyushenkov
10:45Physical requirements on MICE alignmentM. A. Cummings
11:00 MICE alignment, tolerances and supports (1) E. Black
11:20 MICE alignment, tolerances and supports (2) W. Lau
11:40 MICE alignment and supports (3) Y. Ivanyushenkov/A. Jones
13:30 PARALLEL 3
Rf Power and Rf/Coupling Module (Room 304-1-001A) - R. Church/H. Haseroth/D. Li
13:30 Status of the 200 MHz cavities D. Li
14:00 Status of power amplifiers and drivers at RAL P. Drumm
14:20201 MHz cavity fabricationR. Rimmer
14:40 Status of power amplifiers and drivers at CERN H. Haseroth
15:00 Curved Be window designs S. Yang
15:50Splitting (i.e. hybrids vs. circulators) + plumbing-IR. Church
16:10 Splitting (i.e. hybrids vs. circulators) + plumbing-II A. Moretti
Particle ID Detectors (Room 6-2-024) - V. Palladino
Upstream PID
13:30 Upstream Particle ID T. Roberts
13:45 TOF0 and TOF I M. Bonesini
14:10Upstream Cerenkov (CKOV I)D. Summers
Downstream PID
14:35Update on magnetic field conditionsJ. Rochford
15:00Beam downstream of the second solenoidY. Torun
15:45 TOF II M. Bonesini
16:10 Downstream Cerenkov (CKOV II) G. Gregoire
16:35 Muon identifier calorimeter (MUCAL) A. Tonazzo/L. Tortora
17:00 Overall performance of the downstream setup S. Kahn
Wednesday 31 March
09:00 PARALLEL 4
Magnets & Integration (Room 6-2-024) - E. Black/Y. Ivanyushenkov
09:00 Magnet modifications M. Green
Detector solenoid modifications and other issues P. Fabbricatore
09:20MICE integration updateE. Black
09:40 MICE cooling requirements M. Green/T. Bradshaw
10:00Use of cryocoolers in MICET. Bradshaw/E. Baynham
10:45 MICE coordinate system Y. Ivanyushenkov
11:00MICE integrated lattice and its reference systemE. Black/W. Lau
11:20 Module-to-module interfaces D. Li/W. Lau/E. Black
11:40Interfaces to infrastructureY. Ivanyushenkov/E. Black
12:00 Alignment and support structure M. A. Cummings/E. Black/Y. Ivanyushenkov
12:20Discussion on next steps and responsibilitiesP. Drumm (convener)
Simulations (Room 32-1-A24) - Y. Torun
09:00 Introduction/Overview Y. Torun
09:10Package managers' reportsP. Manager
09:15 MouseCases M. Ellis
09:30 Cooling channel issues U. Bravar
09:45 Emittance analysis C. Rogers
10:00 Global PID S. Kahn
10:15 PhysicsList R. Sandström
10:45 SciFi status M. Ellis
11:00 TPG Recon O. Voloshyn
11:15 TPG DetModel and DetResp R. Sandström
11:30 Upstream PID and beamline T. Roberts
11:45 TOF, Ckov and Virtual S. Kahn
12:00 EMCal status A. Tonazzo
13:30 PLENARY 2 (Room 6-2-024)
Working group reports
13:30 Absorber/Focus Coil Module W. Lau
13:55 Rf Power and Coupling Coil Module D. Li
14:20Magnets & IntegrationE. Black/Y. Ivanyushenkov
14:45 Beamline K. Tilley
15:30 Particle ID Detectors V. Palladino
15:55 Tracking Detectors A. Bross
16:20SimulationsY. Torun
17:30Collaboration Board meeting and Spokesperson Election (Room 6-2-024)
20:00Banquet (Taverne du Valais' in Lignon Genève)
Photos by Shigeru Ishimoto
Thursday 1 April
09:00 PLENARY 3 (Room 6-2-024)
09:00 Emittance definition and MICE staging U. Bravar
09:30 Controls & monitoring M. A. Cummings
09:45Systematics & calibration - discussionA. Blondel
10:45Funding and collaborator hunt - discussionD. Kaplan
11:05Collaboration Board meeting summaryP. Dornan
11:25 Meeting summary D. Kaplan
14:00Executive Board meeting
Monday -- Tuesday -- Wednesday -- Thursday

Yagmur Torun -- April 15, 2004