MICE Collaboration Meeting

October 19-22, 2008 — RAL


Organizers: Alain Blondel, Ken Long, Debbie Loader
Program: is available here
Registration: Please register using this form. You can see a list of registered people here.
A registration fee of £45 will be charged for meeting expenses (£85 with dinner).
All payments will be done via PayPal, an invoice will be sent after you register.
Accommodations: A block of rooms available at Coseners House in Abingdon will be released on October 10.
Please contact Coseners directly if you'd like a room.
Transportation: Directions to RAL can be found here. You may also want to check the airport security information.
See these sites for local maps. Buses will be available with the following schedule:
  • Sunday 19th: Abingdon to RAL - 09:00 — RAL to Abingdon - 18:00
  • Monday 20th: Abingdon to RAL @ 09:00 — RAL to Grove @ 18:30 — Grove to Abingdon @ 23:00
  • Tuesday 21st: Abingdon to RAL @ 09:00 — RAL to Abingdon @ 18:00
  • Wednesday 22nd: None

Meeting rooms: R22 Lecture Theatre (Sun-Mon), CR08 R27 (Tue) and CR11 R3 (Wed) have been reserved.
See this map for locations.
Computing: Wireless network access will be available in the meeting rooms, details to be provided later.
Banquet: The collaboration dinner will be on October 20th at Williams F1 Centre in Grove.
The event (scheduled for 19:00-23:30) includes a tour of the Williams F1 Collection (photography allowed).
Only 40 seats are available, so register early to reserve one.

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