Target meeting: 05Nov08, 09:00

Present: JT, AN, KL, PH, CB, RN, DK, AD

1. Review of actions:

2. Progress on magnetic measurements

3. Progress on mechanical design: JT

JT presented the schedule he had prepared for the investigation of coatings, target-shaft redesign, build, and installation.  End date (May09) a little late.  Important to try and advance this.

Discussion of shape of target shaft concluded by confirming previous design: hollow cylinder with a flat to stop rotation.  We also discussed the shape of the target blade.  It would be convenient if the shaft could simply extend into the beam.  This should be investigated in s/w.  We agreed three actions: JT will send AN the dimensions of the shaft; AN will seek to simulated the pipe-shaped shaft in Orbit; and MA will seek to simulate the pipe-shaped shaft in G4BeamLine.

JT commented that tungsten disulphide might be an appropriate material and noted that it had the advantage that it was applied at room temperature.  JT will continue investigations as to its chemical and radiaological properties.

PH et all had made initial investigations of shaft motion with the high speed camera.  Shaft is observed to 'kick' or 'flap' at the end of the stroke.  JT suggested moutning an accelerometeer.

Assuming that the results of the target observations with the high-speed camera indicate that it is worthwhile, we agreed to seek a retrofit of vibration damping the target system in R78 and running a test.  The benefit of this is that if we find that the vibration damping is important then it will be possible to retrofit some vibration damping on the target in ISIS.  It is hoped that this will increase the number of dips that are allowed.


4. Progress on (dynamic) mechanical FEA: SY, WL

No report this week: FC review in Oxford.

5. Progress on magnetic FEA: PS

No report this week: PS illness.

6. Upgrading the 'user interface'

Will re-title item 'Target online software' and put PH's name against it.  PH agreed to coordinate contributions from JL and PH and to interface with JSG and the MICE DAQ.

7. Discussion

No additional items.

8. Date of next meeting

12Nov08: 09:00 -- RAL/phone

9. AoB


Summary of actions: