Target meeting: 29Oct08, 09:00

Present: WL, KL, DK, EMcC, CB, PH, RN, JL, AD

1. Review of actions:

2. Progress on magnetic measurements

3. Progress on mechanical design: JT

JT sent apologies but also sent proposed target work plan (WORD) and target shaft schedule (MPP, PDF).

High speed camera from RAL has arrived in Sheffield measurements to start next week.

Propose target workshop in the near future.  All to send in possible dates and preferred location.

4. Progress on (dynamic) mechanical FEA: SY, WL

Need evidence of twisting from measurements.  When that is available would calculate friction, heating, etc.

5. Progress on magnetic FEA: PS

PS unwell.  Report when PS is back.

6. Discussion

7. Date of next meeting

05Nov08: 09:00 -- RAL/phone

8. AoB

Summary of actions: