MICE Target Analysis


This is the website of the MICE target analysis group. The MICE target page can be found at http://mice.iit.edu/bl/Target/index.html.

Target Stability

The software used to check the stability of the target, by examining the history of each dip's BCD (beam centre distance), can be found here

A history of previous target stability plots is available here


AD: Plots of rate vs beam loss for 18-10-08: .xls

AD: The reduced beam loss datasets created so far may be found here

JP: Presentation on Orbit and ISIS acceptances: .ppt

JP: Presentation on Orbit and ISIS acceptances with Orbit beam loss: .ppt

AD and PH: Summary of rate and beam loss data from log books and target DAQs: .xls

AD: Latest ORBIT simulation results: .xls

AD: Nominal beam loss values vs. calculated values using fit to total beam loss .pdf

Meetings Archive

An archive of the group's previous meetings are available:

  • 28th Jan 2009 Notes
  • 4th Feb 2009 Notes
  • 12th Feb 2009 Notes
  • 18th Feb 2009 Notes
  • 25th Feb 2009 Notes
  • 4th March 2009 Notes
  • 1st April 2009 Notes