Low Level Analysis Workshop

Imperial College London

XXth January 2010

Date and Time

January 2010, starting at 13:30 BST (12:30 GMT).


    The goal of these 5 days worksop is getting hold of the main tools needed to access, understand and use data at a very basic level. From there one can assess data quality (monitoring a specific device) and then develop further analysis.
    Each working day is structured as followed: - morning: introduction on topics and discussion (lead by a tutor) - afternoon: personal developement over some presented cases (all) - end of day: verification of achievements / discussion (all)
    The feedback from participants is fundamental. Needs can be very different and solution to problems can be better tailored if they are known in advance.
    Given the Agenda (see below) four experts in several areas are spot: - SW structure (M. Ellis) - DAQ/Online (V. Verguilov) - TOF (M. Rayner / Y. Karadhzov) - Data Access (H. Nebrensky)
    These are expected to lead discussions and give people tips on how to proceed.


    No need to say we use G4MICE as working package. It would be reccomended anyone would have it installed on his/her laptop. Instructions on how to do it can be found here.
    It would be also reccomened to bring your laptop, please let us know if you wish to participate but you do not have one.




  • Online Monitoring: structure and access to data
  • Data Access: how to
  • Develop specific cases (user driven)
  • Data Quality


Marco Apollonio June 27 2009