Examples from Feasibility Study II

The figure below shows the magnetic field (top panel) and kinetic energy of the reference particle (bottom panel) in one of the 2.75m cells. z is in centimeters. The cooling cell extends from 38.5 to 41.25m and includes two half absorbers at the ends and a four cell linac in between.

The 10.6 MeV energy loss at each absorber is replaced by the following 4-cell RF section. The transverse phase space at the beginning of this cell (z=38.5m) looks like this:

(xp, yp stand for dx/dz and dy/dz) and the longitudinal picture is below

(tp = d(ct)/dz = 1/beta_z). Note the components in the top right panel out of the bucket, we lose these particles. The beam in this case comes from the front end of the neutrino factory simulation and has these tails, one would hopefully have a better beam in a cooling experiment. In this particular cell the transverse emittance is reduced by 5% from 5209 to 4961 mm-mrad.

The corresponding plots for a 1.65m cell (52.8-54.45m) are below:



In this case, the energy loss is 6.2 MeV per absorber and the transverse emittance goes from 4471 to 4327.

Yagmur Torun - torun@iit.edu
August 15, 2001